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OUR HOME... 1995 36 ft. Coachmen Santara with Slideout

The Year 1989...Our RV Beginning.

Howdy! Welcome to Bryce and Lisa Jackson's Personal Rv Web Site. As you may have guessed from the title and the above picture, we live full time in our Motorhome. We travel basically only in the Western United States and are NOT retired NOR do we have any retirement funds. We earn it as we go...remember our motto, "No Matter Where You Go There You Are"! Which means you can't run away from the challenges of life, we just choose to work on them on the road!

September 11, 1989 was our transition date from our old hectic stress filled life in the rat race of Southern California. Bryce was a month shy of 49 and wanted to see the USA in our Chevrolet (Truck and 5th Wheel Trailer). Our plan was to travel for 2 years and then settle down in a small community of 10,000 somewhere in the west! It is now past the year 2000 and we are still looking. We love the FREEDOM and the FLEXIBILITY to be able to go where we want to, when we want to for as long as we want to. Our only problem was just how to make enough money to sustain this lifestyle.

Well we made it for 15 months before we ran out of money! We had no intention of settling down yet as we were having too much fun! What to do? Fortunately we had met some baby-boomer rvers the second month out. They were members of the ESCAPEES RV CLUB which is an outstanding organization that is a must for all RVers on the road.

We soon met others that also were working on the road and quickly discovered a company called American Guide Services (AGS) which produces RV Resort Visitor Guides. These guides are handed out to each RV visitor that registers and are paid for by local advertisers that wish to promote their products or services to the RVers. Our job was to sell advertising space on these visitor guides and earn commissions from the sale of each ad.

The Year 1996...Bryce Discovers the Internet (No he didn't invent it!)

While still traveling the west and producing RV Resort Visitor Guides for AGS, a little item called the Internet was discovered in Jan 1996! Bryce has been in computers since the early days of computers (1959) working for Lockheed Calif Co in Burbank, CA as Computer Programmer, (no one ever heard of computer programmers until the late 60's)! Bryce's complete work experience (1959-1997).

Finding out about the WEB, well that was it, he has never been the same since! 1996 saw him spend over 3000 man hours developing WebWorker web site. WebWorker's concept is to help everyone learn how to develope their own web site and promote it in such a manner as to create their own home-based business. WebWorker has literally thousands of web pages filled with FREE information to help anyone do what Bryce has done!

This complicated our traveling flexibility. During this time period we had to plan ahead of time where we are going, order a local phone connection ahead of time, so that when we pull in, Bryce could hook up and be online that same day. We also stayed at each location 1 to 2 months at a time instead of 1 to 2 weeks like we used to!

Wireless 2-way Internet Satellite access became available for land based operations (late 2000), and finally reached the mobile RV (late 2002). The prices have come down steadily and you can now get 2-way internet access for under $1000. In 2004 a new technology called Wireless Cellular GPRS that works from a PCMCIA network card that plugs right into a Type II slot on your laptop. This allows you to get a 30-115kb wireless connection to the internet from almost anywhere your cell phone works. You may want to check out our STAYING CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET WHILE TRAVELING webpage for more information.

Their is No direct Macintosh connection but a work around is to use a PC as the host controller and network the Macs to it. Since we have 3 Macs in our family, this is how we will be doing it.

2004 update ... Bryce is no longer doing much on the internet these days except to keep up to date on what is going on in the world. The days of web development, web hosting and internet marketing have basically been put on a back burner. He has discovered the sport of HIDE AND SEEK called geocaching using a handheld GPS device. You can find out more about this at


via the Internet!

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CREATE YOUR OWN ARTICLE DIRECTORY ... Make money from your knowledge by writing articles. These articles can be distributed freely with your website information embedded in them. This will generate lots of free traffic to your site.

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The Year 1998...Bryce and Lisa Discover ER4YT and ATT One Rate Cell Phones!

July 1998 found us with 2 revolutionary discoveries! The first was the way we communicate with the world and the second was with our personal health.

First, we subscribed to AT&T's One Rate Cellular plan that gives us cellular access with NO roaming charges and NO long distance charges! It was AWESOME at the time! We opted for the 600 minutes per month for $89.99. In addition to the incredible access to our family at all times, the AT&T service also had a Voice Mail System that the caller is defaulted to when the Cellular Phone is turned off or is out of a cell service area. Our NOKIA cell phone can also be used to get your email although it is very slow at 9600!

A better choice Today, however that did not exist in 1998 is PocketMail and Blackberry Handheld devices, which allows you to get your email from any phone with a toll free number. This still is not adequate for us as we get 500 emails a day (mostly spam)!

Secondly, our health changed dramatically with the discovery of a new way to eat based upon our blood type! For the years 1992 thru 1996 we had been on a low-fat diet and done nothing but gain weight and inches to the point that we were both the FATEST and UNHEALTHIEST we had ever been in our lives.

THREE books have changed our lives forever:


We discovered that putting the right food into our body allows it to heal itself! The concept is that our bodies assimilate food differently based upon whether you are a blood type A, B, AB, or O. Our metabolism speeds up with some foods and slows down with others. Faster metabolism means your body will burn off its fat that it has stored. In addition to losing 30 pounds and 4 inches around my waist, my allergies, high blood pressure and high collesterol have returned to NORMAL! This happened in just 2 months time!

All of my life I have struggled with high blood pressure and medications. After 2 years I am still without medication and my blood pressure is 110/75 to 124/84 each morning. My allergies which have always been a consistent problem are completely gone. This occured after just 2 weeks eating the foods recommended for Type O blood type.

As of 2004, our bodies were still functioning outstanding, we have gone thru many winters with NO flus or any other illness except a 3-day mild cold. Other than that, our immune systems are now stronger than they have ever been! In fact we are in such good health we CANCELLED our Health Insurance Policy!

If you would like a more complete blow by blow description of our eating lifestyle and the successes we have experienced, visit our personal health web site that describes in detail how ER4YT literally SAVED our lives.

The Year 2000 and Beyond ... No Matter Where You Go..There You Are!

WOW, we made it! Can hardly believe that it has actually come and we are still here! In our never ending search for OUTSTANDING things that make our RVing more joyful...we recently discovered Pocketmail.

While we personally do not use it, many of our RVing friends keep in touch with us via email from their PocketMail devices. Check with Camping World for availability.This is a really exciting communication tool which allows you to retrieve your email for FREE from any phone! What a concept!

October 2000, we have gone into the online auction business and have resigned from AGS after 10 wonderful years. As we travel about the country, visiting antique stores, we discovered many of them do not sell their treasures on the internet. This knowledge led us to develop our current operating procedure of helping other people sell their trash to people that perceive it as treasure.

Online Auction WebWorker:

Our auction webworker biz takes care of ALL the work. We take pictures, create eBay auctions, collect funds, pack and ship items. We have two options, 25% commission or $5 listing fee plus 10% commission. For more information on how we do that .... CLICK HERE.

We Can Help You Earn Income:

This concept lends itself to anyone that wants to earn income on the road or where you live. All you need is a camera (preferably digital) and an individual or business that has something to sell. Help them turn their TRASH into CASH! If you don't want to or can't handle the internet auction challenges then we will do it for you with our EBAY SELLER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. You will assist in packing and shipping the merchandise. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Working on the Road:


Bryce was heavily involved in Web Site Development and Internet Marketing Services prior to 2003. New clients were continually referred to us from our happy customer base. The year 2003 however was a transformative year for Bryce as he lost interest in "working". He still has a few clients but is not taking on any new ones. GPS and the world of is now his passion.

Lisa is still hard at play doing her buying and selling of green depression glass utilizing eBay auction services. In addition we go to many live auctions, swap meets, garage sales, and flea markets .... looking for that elusive item. She recently bought a vintage 1900s gas light lampshade at a live auction for $12.00 and sold it on eBay for over $150 ... one of her best transactions ever.


Bryce has created 2 article directories, OUTPOST ROAD & MacMERLIN UNLIMITED. Articles are now one of the top ways to get free traffic to your website. Once you have lots of traffic, you can earn income by hosting Googles Adsense ads on each page.

STAYING CONNECTED to the INTERNET ... WE still need to access the internet via a mobile system. Today there are many options ... see our STAYING CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET page for more information.

SETTLING DOWN. We are for the most part bi-rving. I mean that we basically spend the spring, summer and fall at our Reno, NV ranch and winter in Ventura county, CA. We are never more than a day or two offline however and that is when we are travelling back and forth between our two places.

Hope to see you on down the road.. y'here!

Closing with Love, Bryce and Lisa Jackson

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